After the out of state billionaires that own the company that owns the company town* tried to run me out of town and failed, by the grace of God, I determined that I would live a life of public service to my fellow man. 

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If there's one thing that defines me, it's my parents.  They taught me the most important things in life are to love your God and love your neighbor.  Our trip to Africa changed lives.  

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I want to serve my fellow man in public service.

I believe that neither party truly represents the will of the majority of the people, instead only serving the interests of their largest campaign contributors, the corporations and the billionaires.  However, as my experience has shown, it is difficult as a third party candidate to become elected.
I dug irrigation ditches to pay for my education at university. I’m an Eagle Scout. I believe that Colorado is riding the crest of the wave on federal over-reach. I’m going to surf that wave to give the common man a voice in government. God gave me the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I intend to give back. I am currently raising money to run for political office, possibly as a run for the Republican nominee for  State Senator in Colorado's 5th in 2018.  Here are some thoughts:  

  • The capture of the systemStart with a project mission statement
  • Create a mind map using key words and phrases in the mission statement
  • Use the mind map to arrive at the 3-5 top project objectives
  • Use the top 3-5 project objectives to brainstorm project goals in a non-judgmental environment
  • The problem is magnified by the political capture by the elites. Current State Senator Kerry Donovan, a Democrat, formerly in management for the Vail Ski & Snowboard, does not support a raise in the minimum wage to $15/hour on giant corporations like Vail Resorts or Wal-mart.

  • if believe in liberty, please send your donations to Lee Mulcahy for Senate, 53 Forge Road, Aspen CO 81611.

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