Untitled (2009/12) 60cm x 60 cm.

The politics of Lee Mulcahy are integral to his art.  Mulcahy's art and freedom of expression has been the subject of countless newspaper stories,radio programs, and he has been censored from a variety of institutions, including his banning from the Aspen Art Museumfor his painting "Meet the Art Police," exhibited in Berlin's Pariser Platz.

     Mulcahy believes that labels are a tool used historically by the elite to divide the common man.  He believes that we are stronger together than divided and that the tea party & occupy  wall street are essentially the same thing: movements fighting against the corruption and crony capitalism of our political and financial elites....

lee mulcahy's groundbreaking and breathtaking art has been displayed in public commissions and private galleries in berlin, beijing and aspen, including Berlin's KW Institute of contemporary art.

As a multi-disciplinary artist (largely oil on canvas, linen, and wood), my practice is an exploration into both colour and form.

Artistically, I am most heavily influenced by the writings of Sandra Bem Lipsitz and human rights activist Glenn Greenwald, the New York school, minimalism and contemporary artists John McLaughlin and Ai Weiwei.  I am drawn to  “retired” post-industrial modernist or brutalist forms ; however the ideas embedded in my work are spiritual. 


Untitled (2010/1) Oil on Canvas, 84" x 84'.

Although Mulcahy studied art at university, his path as an artist was a roundabout one.   Studying at the Sorbonne and the Universidad de Salamana in Spain, he taught skiing & snowboarding many years, eventually becoming Aspen Skiing's most requested instructor out of 1200 teachers.   After passing out a flyer protesting the resort's pay of $69 to instructors for a lesson the resort charged over $625, Mulcahy was suspendedbanned.  A month later, Aspen Skiing fired him.  

     Mulcahy won several battles with the National Labor Relations Board against Aspen Skiing, but is currently in a multi-year court battle after being banned under threat of arrest from hiking in National Forest public lands leased by Aspen Skiing, owned by Chicago billionaires, "best friends" with the Obama family.

On Lee Mulcahy

 Mulcahy's work presents the dichotomy between the physical and spiritual.  In his attempt to represent beauty by reduction to colour and forms, his work references the principles of Classicism, the Bauhaus, and the modern internationalist style.

 Mulcahy's present work, much of which explores territory formerly staked out by Imi Knoebel and Blinky Palermo, who additionally mined areas delved into by Piet Mondrian and Kasimir Malevich, questions accepted ascetic principles of symmetry, beauty and prevailing social value systems, attempting to create a contemplative composition for the viewer without the benefit of a guiding principle.  

Recent group exhibitions and shows:  R2 Gallery, Carbondale; "Forget Fear," 7th Berlin Biennale; Oriental Light Art Space, 798, Beijing; KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin; Universistat der Kunst, Berlin; Gallassi Gallery, Prague; Red Brick Center for the Arts, Aspen; Doerr-Hosier Center, Aspen Institute; Valley Visual, Carbondale Council for the Arts; Snowmass Villas Gallery; Patton-Malott Gallery, Anderson Ranch; Roaring Fork Studio Tour; REDbus, Beijing; Art Basel Miami Pop-up Show at Occupy Scope.

Recent solo exhibitions:  证的五毛,去年你还说要采访我就可以得到手机一只,我把我送到面前接受你的采访, Yuanfen New Media Art Space, 798, Beijing; Einzelausstellung präsentieren:  Der Erlös aller verkauften Werke wird für Haiti gespendet, Forum Factory, Berlin.  

Additional information:  Banned from Aspen Art Museum under threat of arrest for Untitled ("Meet the Art Police"); accepted for residency at Anderson Ranch; curated group exhibition in Snowmass Villas gallery; Lecturer at University of Texas, Arlington

"artists are citizens, and as such, can create dissent and critical thought necessary to overthrow the neo-liberal oligarchy that governs the art world."

                                             -- lee mulcahy, phd